Thank you so much for your quick response and just plain cold knowledge. It seems that if you ask 5 different guys about a problem you get 5 different answers.

Al, New York

I know the quality of your products first hand...You are to be complimented...There are a lot of car builders implementing street rod technologies into their later model machines with great success. And it's companies like StreetWorks that make this possible. Thank you!

Darrell, Indiana

After reading your Basic Auto Electricity Book, I am extremely pleased with your explanation about Electrical systems...thanks for being there with this great book.

Bob, Calif.

Many thanks for the excellent service.

Bob, England

I have bought several items from you. They are all super products & your service has been fantastic!

Don, Calf.

I was extremely pleased with the quality of the HoleShot Solenoids I previously ordered from you, and look forward to working with products on this order.

Darren, New York

Thank you for all the help. The HoleShot Solenoids work great. My next project will definitely be a StreetWorks project. You're at the top of my list!


Your solenoids are great. UPS arrived about 40 minutes ago and both doors are done and working great.

Scott, Ida Automotive

I greatly appreciate you folks replacing the defective (unit) for free. It says a lot about your company. I'll remember that on my next street rod project. Thanks again.


Thanks so much for all your time with me on the telephone...the nicest, friendliest people I've ever met. Thanks again for all your help.

G.T., Virginia