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LED Headlights, At every show we attended last year people asked when we would carry LED headlights.  We found an excellent product but the lens just looked wrong in most Ro


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                  NSRA SAFETY PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2014                  

                    NSRA NEW PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2014                      

At every show we attended in 2013 people asked when we would carry LED headlights.  We found an excellent product but the lens just looked wrong in most Rods and they were expensive.  So we kept looking.  By late fall we had a solution that we were testing.  We started with a 7″ round glass lens and mated it to an H4 LED.  This worked well and the bulb put out a lot of light but it was scattered all over the place.  Rather than rush to market we kept looking and it was worth the wait!  Finally we found this H4 LED bulb that we are offering here.  With a distinct difference between Hi & Lo beams the crisp white light pattern is the best we’ve seen from this configuration.  They draw less amps that your old bulbs and plug into your 3 prong socket so you don’t need to upgrade your wiring. Each bulb has a power controller which is permanently attached to the bulb / fan assembly. We’re thrilled to offer this LED headlight package at a realistic price.

These new 7” round Hella Vision Plus lenses use an advanced reflector design and conform to SAE/DOT standards for street and highway use.

7″ Round headlights with H4 style LED bulbs.  The lenses have the 3 positioning tabs to make aligning them a snap.  From the retaining ring they are 4 1/4″ deep so be sure your buckets will accept the bulb-fan assembly.  25101 Sold in pairs

7″ x 6″ rectangle headlights with H4 style LED bulbs.  The lenses should fit right into your existing frames.  They are 5″ deep with the LED bulbs in place.  25112 Sold in Pairs

H4 LED bulbs only.  Put them into your existing H4 Lenses.  25145 Sold in pairs.

WARNING:  Headlight buckets that have springs in the center of the bucket may not be able to accomodate this LED setup without modifications or installing new buckets.  These LED bulbs willl not fit King Bee Buckets, and may require some modifications to fit Dietz buckets.  Tri-Five vehicles will need to extend their headlight buckets.

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                 VIDEO: LED Headlights VS. Halogen Headlights            

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7" X 6" Rectangle H4 LED Headlights (25112), 5.75" Round H4 LED Headlights (EL-HL5), 7" Round H4 LED Headlights (25101)