C4 Relay Pack (WI-C4)

  • 4 relays in a single compact unit
  • Each 30 amp relay is double throw.
  • Hot or ground trigger
  • Relays can be linked for special functions
  • No programing, just set a few onboard switches
  • Instructions show several relay combo circuits
  • Great for upgrading to new sleek switches
  • ID your circuits right on the cover


The compact size of this new relay pack from Watson StreetWorks lets you clean up your wiring at a price that makes sense. It’s just what you’ll need when upgrading to sleek, modern switches. 4 on-board 30 amp SPDT relays are each fed separately from your fuse panel or the ground side of a circuit. The double throw action means you can power 2 different circuits independently if needed. (High beam/low beam for example) The relays are grouped into two pairs of two giving you even greater flexibility. Each relay can be triggered by a hot or ground input. No need to run heavy gauge, high amp wires (that’s what your fuse panel is for.) Easy to configure by simply setting the on board slide switches. The cover has space for you to label what each relay is used for. Only 3 ½” square by 1 ¼” tall. Include mounting screws and Instructions showing show basic wiring and several common relay combo circuits.  Designed and built in the USA.

Just a few examples of where the C4 could be used.

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