So, you’ve just modified your new ride with new lighting and interior trim. But, have you thought about customizing your power window switches? Our online store offers an assortment of hot rod power window switches and street rod power window switches in a variety of styles and finishes. We have both paddle and dimpled rocker aftermarket power window switch sets depending on your preference. Shop our power window switch collection at Watson’s StreetWorks today!

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Power Window Switches for Your Hot Rod

When it comes to your classic ride, you want every detail perfect. Watson's StreetWorks helps you get there with our fantastic inventory of hot rod power window switches. You can't go wrong with our power window switch selection. We offer a 4-door, single-door and 2-door power window switch kit to meet your specific needs. Our window controls reflect your personality and match your street rod's classic look. Featuring top-rated, premium materials, our car window switches are just one example of our outstanding collection of hot rod switches. When you want a window control switch that pairs the functionality you need with the style you love, you want Watson's StreetWorks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hot Rod Power Window Switches

Your street rod's look and performance mean everything to you, all the way down to the hot rod power window switches you choose. With so much at stake, you're sure to have some questions. Review the info below to learn more about our power window switch options.

How Does A Power Window Switch Work?

A power window switch works by opening and closing wire circuits, which redirect the power to the window motor.

What Type of Switch Is Used for Power Windows?

Various switches are used for power windows. Watson's StreetWorks offers car window switches with dimpled, chiseled and paddle-style rockers.

How Do I Know If My Power Window Switch Is Broken?

If all or some of your windows have stopped working or only work intermittently, your power window switch may be broken. You can use a multimeter to test the switch.

What Causes a Window Switch to Stop Working?

A window switch most frequently stops working because of a blown fuse or bad relay. If there's no noise or movement when you push the switch, the fuse is likely blown.

Hot Rod Power Window Switches to Match Your Style

Watson's StreetWorks has the hot rod power window switches that create the ideal look for your build. With selections like our Universal SS Power Window Switch, you can choose from brushed, polished or Raven Black anodized finishes. Whether you want dimpled or paddle-style rockers, we have the car window switch you're looking for. Our slim-fit master window switch is suitable for your car door or console and won't cause snagging.

With Watson's StreetWorks, you get more than just a master switch for power windows. We also offer options that control your windows and door locks. You can rely on our aftermarket power window switch collection to deliver the style and functionality you want. We always provide wiring and instructions with all our power window switch panel kits. Our attention to detail is second-to-none.

Custom Options for Your Hot Rod Power Window Switches

With our hot rod power window switches, you can choose from rectangular options or our Oval Billet Power Window Switch. Whichever shape you're looking for, our versatile car window switches let you recreate the retro look you love. We offer panels with three, four and five regulators, giving you control over a wide range of functions. We can provide Momentary On/Off, On/Center Off/On or Momentary On/Center Off/Momentary On switches. Let us know your needs, and we can custom-make a panel to your specifications. Depending on which custom power window switches you select, you can opt for engraving to complete the classic look you're going for. We even offer accessories like our LED light clip.

Order Your Hot Rod Power Window Switches from Watson's StreetWorks

Backed by 30+ years of automotive experience, we're the go-to supplier for window controls and a broad array of other hot rod parts. When you purchase hot rod power window switches from Watson's StreetWorks, you get the very best in functionality, performance and style. Order yours today and see the difference we make.

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