Modernize your hot rod with our high-quality push button toggle switches, offering both aesthetic appeal and practicality. Our automotive switches and buttons are designed for those who demand the best in their hot rod parts. From chrome push button switches to toggle switches, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your project.

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Bring Your Hot Rod Into the 21st Century With Push Button/Toggle Switches

You've rebuilt the engine, reupholstered the seats and given her a fresh coat of paint – now it's time to finish your hot rod restoration with push button/toggle switches for all the electronic components. Achieve the look, feel and functionality you want with a toggle or push button switch to bring your hot rod into the new century with style. Automotive push button switches give you the convenience of a modern-day ride while staying true to the classic style you love. At Watson's StreetWorks, we've got push button and toggle switches any automotive enthusiast would be proud to show off.

FAQs & Info on Push Button/Toggle Switch Wiring

At Watson's StreetWorks, we give you everything you need to ensure your automotive toggle switch installation is successful. In addition to the push button/toggle switch wiring diagrams available on our website for every product, you can check out our frequently asked questions below for help.

How to Wire a Push Button Switch

To wire a push button switch, attach your vehicle's wires to the switch pins per the wiring diagram provided with your specific push button switch product.

How to Wire a Toggle Switch With Three Prongs

If you need to know how to wire a three-way toggle switch, you must first know what all three prongs are. Three-way automotive toggle switches will have a gold ground (negative) prong, a center power (12-volt positive source) and a silver accessory prong. Attach the live wire from your power supply to the center pin, the neutral wire from your power supply to the gold ground pin and the live wire from your accessory to the bottom silver pin. Finally, attach the neutral wire from your load to the gold ground pin to finish the job.

How to Wire a Toggle Switch for Ignition/Start

At Watson's StreetWorks, our switches for ignition/start can be wired in multiple ways to bypass your keyed ignition. Please refer to the installation and wiring diagrams provided with your purchase.

Give Your Hot Rod the Functionality You Want With Push Button/Toggle Switches

When it comes time to update your toggle or push button switch, Watson's StreetWorks gives you plenty of great options to suit your unique style and aesthetic. But before you choose, you need to know what you want your push button automotive switch to control. Whether you're in the market for a single flat toggle switch to turn on your headlights with a simple flick or a customized full toggle switch panel in your choice of five switch functions, we can help you control just about anything in your ride.

Every toggle and push button automotive switch in our catalog is built for durability using trusted, premium materials that match the style and strength of your classic ride. Don't skimp on the finishing touches – shop toggle/push button switches at Watson's StreetWorks today.

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Choose a Push Button Starter Switch That Matches Your Needs

As far as upgrades go, push button starter switches are some of the best in our shop. We offer multiple styles with unique settings tailored to a driver's specific needs. Our push button starter switch options include:

  • The Hot-Dot Push Button Start Switch: The push button start switch is the simplest option, allowing drivers to rev their engines with one finger.
  • The Push Button Start With RFID: Now we're getting serious. The push button start with RFID includes radio-frequency identification technology that works between 5 and 200 feet with the vehicle's windows closed. Only you can start your hot rod when you're in range.
  • The Trilogy Remote Push Button Start Kit: As the most advanced of our options, the Trilogy push button start kit gives drivers three functions in perfect harmony. You can open two doors, control power door locks, operate one window up and down, operate two power windows down only, etc., in addition to starting your hot rod with the push of a button and RFID technology.

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Find Top-Rated Push Button/Toggle Switches at Watson's StreetWorks

It doesn't matter what type of toggle or push button switch you need for your hot rod; Watson's StreetWorks carries the best in the industry. With over 30 years of automotive experience, we thrive on building the perfect push button/toggle switches in illuminated, chrome and RGB LED options to match your preferred style and functionality. If you have questions about our products, contact us anytime. Our dedicated team of hot rod experts is always happy to help.

Shop Push Button Toggle Switches
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