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Trilogy Hot Dot Security System


Trilogy Hot Dot Security System, This is the Trilogy Hot Dot Security System.

Here it is the total package!  The whole enchilada!  Soup to nuts this is it!

What You Get:



This is the Trilogy Hot Dot Security System.

Here it is the total package!  The whole enchilada!  Soup to nuts this is it!


What You Get:

Streetworks 22mm Hot Dot Push button starter unit with your choice of button color.  Blue, Green, Red or White.

Streetworks brand new to the scene RFID module.  No keys and Full on security.

Streetworks Trilogy remote kit that comes with an all new REMOTE START feature.


Description of contents:


Push our Ignition Switch button once and your accessory circuit comes on. A second push and hold engages the starter. When your engine starts just release the switch and your running as well as the LED indicator ring. Press it once more and everything turns off. This gorgeous Stainless steel switch mounts in a 7/8″ diameter hole with the overall size of 1′.  The compact ignition module can hide under your dash or in the engine bay.

Compare our price to any other Single Switch Ignition System anywhere! We were the first to bring this system to the street rod market and we know how to do it best!

Check out our full line of matching low profile, push button switches and indicator lights.



This is the all new Streetworks RFID designed to work with your Hot Dot Ignition Systems.  This is the security system that your hot rod has been missing.

As you may already know the “HOT DOT” ignition takes the place of your conventional “keyed” ignition switch however it has no security built in.  This all new RFID Security system gives you the security and convenience that todays’ society demands.

What is RFID? 

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. The acronym refers to small electronic devices that consist of a small chip and an antenna.  The RFID device serves the same purpose as magnetic strip on the back of a credit card; it provides a unique identifier for that object. And, just as a magnetic strip must be scanned to get the information, the RFID device must be scanned to retrieve the identifying information.

The RFID unit has 3 different operating modes. 

Mode 1:  High security mode. The car only starts and stays running with the RFID fob in range.

Mode 2:  Medium security mode. The RFID fob must be in range for car to start and will stay running until the operator turns it off, then it won’t restart.

Mode 3:  NO security mode. Should your fob become lost or damaged you can over-ride the system by entering a code with the hidden button switch.

The RFID is capable of working between 5 and 200 feet with the vehicle’s windows closed.  If the vehicle’s windows are open we do not have a measurement for how far away the unit will work.  There are 8 increments of sensitivity that the unit can be programmed to.


Trilogy Remote Kit

The Trilogy remote control gives you three functions in perfect harmony to open either two doors, control power door locks, operate one window up and down, operate two power windows down only, etc. And Now, you don’t need extra relays to do some of these things…they’re built-into the receiver!. That’s a $30 – $40 dollar savings right there! Built-in user programming so that if the unit becomes deprogrammed, you can reprogram it yourself! It includes 30 amp relays built into the receiver so you can power solenoids or actuators with power to spare. 12 gauge power wire leads. Built-in fuse holder with fuses included. Pre-wired for Channel #1 and #2 backup switches (switches not included). Each of the 2 transmitters has 2 buttons to give you “single-button” convenience for each function. Optional ignition disable so that doors can’t be accidentally triggered while the car is running. The third channel is strictly a Brand New Remote Starter function specifically for your Hot Dot system.  This third channel functions by holding both channel 1 and 2 down at the same time making it very difficult to accidentally start your vehicle.  Butt connectors and great instructions. And it’s from StreetWorks so you know it’s good.


Super 7 Remote Kit

More functions and more versatility in a new remote control. 7-functions to do nearly anything you want. Functions #1 and #2 trigger 30 amp relays that are built into the receiver for door latch release or reverse polarity operations, too! The other 5-functions control 30 amp relays and can be set up to do (for example) 2-door power windows up and down, plus a trunk release -OR- driver power window up and down, passenger power window down only plus power trunk up and down -OR- well, you get the idea. All with relays. (Note – channel #7 is a pulse output.) User re-programmable. Channels #1 and #2 backup switch leads (switches not included).  4 Relays are included with this kit and one channel operates the remote start without a relay.

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7 Channel WHITE Super 7 Kit, 7 Channel RED Super 7 Kit, 7 Channel GREEN Super 7 Kit, 7 Channel BLUE Super 7 Kit, 3 Channel WHITE Trilogy Kit, 3 Channel RED Trilogy Kit, 3 Channel BLUE Trilogy Kit, 3 Channel GREEN Trilogy Kit