We've Got Hot Rod Door Latches, Custom Hood Hinges & Cable Releases to Keep Your Classic Ride in Mint Condition

There comes a time in every classic hot rod's life when things aren't working like they used to. Or, more commonly, there comes a time in every restoration project when you realize you can't access certain areas because of old, overworked components. Three of the most common parts you'll need to replace in any classic ride are hot rod door latches, hood hinges and cable releases. That's where Watson's StreetWorks comes in. We carry an extensive selection of street rod hood hinges, custom door latches and cable releases that can help bring functionality and life back into your ride. Whether it's age, weather, lack of lubrication or years of use, these components tend to be among the first to go. Access every inch of your classic ride with custom hood hinges, door latches and cable releases from Watson's StreetWorks.

Replace Your Hot Rod Latches, Cable Releases & Hood Hinges With Our Custom Parts

The unfortunate truth of loving and restoring classic hot rods is that the minor components you rarely think about will eventually need to be repaired. Bad hot rod door latches, cable releases and hood and trunk hinges are all parts that can cause sticking or complete loss of functionality. How are you going to cruise down the open road and show off your vintage beauty if you can't even get behind the wheel? Replacement parts from Watson's StreetWorks are simple solutions to give you access to your ride and modernize at the same time.

Hot rod door latches provide you with modern locking functionality, cable releases can be dual routed to open two lids at once, and custom hood hinges can add a touch of flair unique to your ride. It's simple – Watson's StreetWorks is the answer every time.

And, if you're obsessed with your vintage components and have a desire to keep things as classic as possible, we can get you the hardware you need to make it happen. That way, you can restore your classic street rod hood hinges or door latches yourself and install them with high-quality hardware you know will fit and last for years.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Door Latches, Hood Hinges, Cable Releases & More

Custom hood hinges, cable releases and hot rod latches are small components, so it's only natural that you may have some questions. Here are some of the more common questions we come across regarding our replacement parts.

What Types of Hot Rod Latches Do You Sell?

Hot rod latches from Watson's StreetWorks are available for several different areas of your ride. Our most commonly requested components are hot rod door latches for driver and passenger side doors, but we also sell custom hood latches and trunk latches for your convenience.

How Do I Know My Hood Hinges Are Properly Installed?

When your custom hood hinges are properly installed, secured and aligned, your hood should be able to open and close effortlessly. When shut, the gaps should be straight and even, and the hood panel will sit level on each side. Additionally, your hood hinges should allow the hood to stay raised at the exact point you leave it once opened. Detailed instructions come with every purchase for precise and proper installation.

How Do Cable Releases Work?

Cable releases generally serve to actuate the deck lid latch assembly on your ride. When you pull a cable release, your trunk or hood will pop open whether the key is in the ignition or not. The cable puts tension on the latch mechanism when one pulls the release lever. When let go, the spring tension in the latch will return the lever to its original position and reset.

Shop Watson's StreetWorks for Hot Rod Latches, Cable Releases & Hood Hinges Today

At Watson's StreetWorks, we dedicate ourselves to preserving the classic car and truck industry and keeping the passion alive and well in the minds of enthusiasts everywhere. For well over 30 years, we've provided car builders of all types with top-of-the-line components and parts that keep riders on the road and looking their best. Browse our entire line of hot rod door latches, custom hood hinges and cable releases today to find the parts best suited for your vintage ride. If you have any questions, contact us directly to talk about how we can help.

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