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6 Hot Rod Interior Ideas & Components
to Give Your Car New Life

If you’re anything like our team at Watson’s StreetWorks, you know that keeping your hot rod’s custom interior looking great is just as important as its exterior. We like to think about upgrading a hot rod interior like renovating a kitchen – you need certain comforts and amenities, but everything has to have the right style and feel. Otherwise, things seem off. Hot rod and street rod interiors should further your passion for your classic ride every time you get behind the wheel.

Luckily, there are tons of great hot rod custom interior parts and components on the market, so you have many options to choose from to help bring your hot rod interior ideas to life. Even if you think your dream car is finished, interior upgrades can add a touch of style and aesthetics to your driving experience. This article will review six of our favorite car interior components from Watson’s StreetWorks to help your interior look and feel its best.

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1. Hot Rod Switches

An impressive interior can pair stunning aesthetics with functionality, and hot rod interior switches are just the car interior components to make that happen. Every hot rod needs its switches. From turn signals and headlights to ignition/start, wipers and more, custom hot rod interior switches provide drivers with the tools that make great drives possible.

One of the best things about custom hot rod switches is how many styles they come in. No matter what your hot rod interior looks like, there is sure to be a custom hot rod switch for you. At Watson’s StreetWorks, we carry everything from push buttons to custom rocker switches to control just about anything in your ride. Engravings on the switch faces are a great finishing touch for an unforgettable car interior component that stands out.

2. Window Cranks

At Watson’s StreetWorks, we know it’s the little details that matter the most when fixing up a piece of history. Worn down and rusted-out window cranks are some of the biggest annoyances for anyone who wants to get some fresh air on their way to the next car meetup – that’s why our first pick to spruce up your hot rod interior is custom window cranks.

Classic car custom interiors are all about style and functionality, and a new custom window crank can bring both. CNC machined from billet aluminum or stainless steel, these car interior components can complement any interior. With specially designed parts to securely fit your ride, custom window cranks will last the rest of your vehicle’s life and enhance your ride’s aesthetics.

3. Custom Cup Holders

Aside from a beveled edge on the inside of your glovebox door, there was never much thought put into the need for cup holders in older classic rides, at least not until 1983. Today, a place to set your water bottle or coffee cup is a mandatory addition for every modern car and truck on the market.

Custom cup holders can make every ride more enjoyable, but the best part is their design. Custom street rod interiors benefit from strong aesthetics. While a cup holder is infinitely more convenient than keeping a scalding hot cup of coffee in your lap, you might not love the look. That’s why custom cup holders from Watson’s StreetWorks swing out under the dash when you need them but stay hidden when you don’t. These car interior components are convenience and aesthetics mixed into one great product.

Hot Rod Interior Ideas

4. Release Latches

Gator-jaw latches have become the standard in hot rod restoration to replace those old, worn-down door latches. However, no latch replacement is complete without a pair of release latches to get them open. These car interior components meet all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards to keep you safe as you blaze down the open road in your restored classic beauty.

Release latches from Watson’s StreetWorks are made from machined aluminum and come in various shapes and sizes to match your specific design needs. They’re also straightforward to install and use. All you have to do is push the lock lever down to lock the latch and pull it up to unlock. Latch release hot rod interiors kits work with lock actuators and replace many of the interior door lock buttons found on classic hot rods.

5. Air Conditioning Vents

Upgrading your custom hot rod interior isn’t always about bringing it into the future. Sometimes it helps to find car interior components that help retain that vintage look collectors and car shows love. Polished stainless steel air conditioning vents touch up your hot rod’s custom interior without losing what makes it a classic.

At Watson’s StreetWorks, we carry air conditioning vents that fit any vintage hot rod. Once you get your A/C system working to full capacity, finish it off with the aesthetics of the past for an unforgettable interior.

6. Interior Column Trim

To finish off our hot rod interior ideas list, we recommend dressing up your interior column trim with some dress-up levers. These car interior components are the true finishing touch that can give your interior column the look and feel you want when behind the wheel. With turn signal and tilt levers as well as steering column trim, your interior will have an extra layer of aesthetics most restorations can only dream of.

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Now that you know what is possible for your hot rod interior, it’s time to put all your ideas into action. All the products listed above can be found here at Watson’s StreetWorks, along with tons of other classic car interior parts, to give your ride the look and feel it deserves. Browse our entire selection, and pick up your car interior components today. If you have any questions about our products or services, feel free to contact us anytime. Our team of experts can help you find the perfect hot rod interiors kits and components for your exact make and model.

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