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Upgrading Your Classic Ride with Modern Hot Rod Tech

You love your classic ride, but maybe you’re just a bit jealous of all the great modern technology packed into the newest cars. No worries — Watson’s StreetWorks has you covered with some modern hot rod tech that will up your street game.

Read on for classic car safety upgrades and other updates that will put a whole new spin on your ride.

Watson’s Streetworks

Classic Car Safety Upgrades

While their vintage charm is irreplaceable, it’s crucial to recognize that many older vehicles weren’t designed with current safety standards in mind. So, when it comes to modern-day hot rods, adding a few classic car safety upgrades are a great way to have the best of both worlds. An old-school ride with up-to-date safety features is a hard combination to beat. Our aftermarket car parking camera is one of the classic car upgrades you can make. Available as a console or mirror system, our backup camera provides the safety you want in a new-age hot rod. You’ll never have to worry again about parking your classic ride.

Hot Rod Wiring Upgrades

Wiring is another area where hot rod upgrades can make a difference in safety. Faulty wiring can create all sorts of hazards. We offer a comprehensive lineup of hot rod wiring materials, such as:

  • Relay packs
  • Fuse blocks
  • Circuit breakers

Whether you need a cable installation kit for your door solenoids or a sequencing taillight kit, we have the extensive wiring selection you’re looking for.

Hot Rod Lighting Upgrades

Lighting updates are another classic car safety upgrade you don’t want to overlook. With advancements in LED technology, these hot rod upgrades can offer brighter, more energy-efficient lighting solutions. These lighting options are not only more durable but also provide a dose of modern hot rod tech without compromising your ride’s classic appeal.

Our hot rod lighting inventory includes great LED options like:

  • Bulb kits with flashers
  • Dome lights
  • Interior lights with switches
  • Courtesy lights
  • Head lights

We also offer a variety of LED taillights. Whatever your lighting needs, you can rely on Watson’s StreetWorks.

Other Classic Car Upgrades

Our classic car upgrades don’t stop at safety options. Watson’s StreetWorks’ complete collection of modern hot rod tech includes a wide range of ignition systems. You can enjoy a smooth startup with our keyless ignition products. A push-button ignition gives you modern convenience while maintaining your ride’s vintage appeal. Plus, we offer ignition switches with a standard nut or a billet O-ring nut.

You can also find a fantastic lineup of hot rod hinges, latches and cable releases among our products, all designed to keep your doors, trunk and hood in good working order. We even offer gator-jaw latches and screws that meet current federal vehicle safety standards.

Modern Hot Rod Tech

FAQs: Modern Hot Rod Tech

The U.S. automotive aftermarket industry accounts for more than $205.8 billion, and parts for modern-day hot rods make up a good portion of that industry. As a leader in classic car upgrades, Watson’s StreetWorks has the answers you need to your most pressing questions. Read on to learn more.

How is the Camera Mounted on Your Car Parking Cameras?

You can choose between options with a through-hole or license plate-mounted camera.

Do You Offer Remote Controls?

Yes, several remote controls are available on our Hot Rod Wiring Materials page.

Do You Accept Returns?

You can return items in a saleable condition within 90 days to receive a full refund. Special orders and custom panels are not returnable. See our Return Policy for complete details.

Trust Modern Hot Rod Tech from Watson’s StreetWorks

Whether you’re cruising or heading out to the car shows, your ride can benefit from our modern hot rod tech. We offer a fantastic lineup of modern tech and classic car upgrades to keep your vintage ride humming. Shop now and take advantage of everything we offer.

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